Welcome to Wilmington

On Tuesday night, I took part in a "Welcome to Wilmington" reception, hosted by the Wilmington Memorial Library.  The event has been held twice a year over the past couple years and is open to all new residents in town.  It's a way for people to hear about what the town has to offer and meet some of the faces behind Wilmington's organizations and departments.  We're all set up in "booths" and people are able to walk through the room, making stops along the way.

In addition to WCTV, there were representatives from the 4th of July Committee, Police & Fire Departments, Town Museum, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Rec Department and Public Works.  The Town Planning Director was there talking about the Facility Master Plan and how Wilmington might be changing in the years to come.  The Library, of course, had representatives there, as did the Farmers Market and American Cancer Society (which runs the Relay the Life each Spring).  Our "spot" in the rotation was next to "We're One Wilmington".  (If you haven't already booked your weekend, check out their Festival of Trees this Saturday and Sunday!)  I'm missing quite a few other people... but you get the idea.

It rained quite a bit this past week and Tuesday night was among the more crummy evenings.  It was damp and dark for the reception, held on the Library's second floor.  But that didn't stop dozens of new residents from coming out and seeing what the community has to offer.  It was great to meet new people and find out what brought them to Wilmington.

There were quite a few kids in attendance with their parents (and a few "parents-to-be").  A number of them are coming to Wilmington from communities closer to Boston... making that inevitable move to find more space that so many families make.

There were also folks who came from far away.  I met people from Florida, Ohio and New Jersey... most of them settling here in town after their jobs brought them to the area.  And Wilmington was the right fit for them.

Overall, I think it was another successful event.  It's great to see so many new people in town having the initiative to come out on a rainy weeknight to learn more about the community and what it has to offer.  It's that sort of spirit that makes Wilmington a good place to live and work.

Thanks to the Library for hosting the event - and great work by all my peers who were out there on Tuesday showcasing the town.

Shaun Neville
Executive DirectorWilmington Community Television

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