Why Become a Member?

Some of our members produce shows on a monthly basis, but the broad majority of volunteers don't have that sort of role here.

Do you like working with cameras, editing equipment and other television technology? 
Many of our programs can use a few extra helping hands to get them on air.  You simply need to let us know what you're interested in and we'll include you on our "crew calls" for various events and scheduled recordings.

Is there a specific event in town that you enjoy each year and would like to share with others? 
You could become a member simply to handle that program on an annual basis.

Are your kids involved in a school club, activity or sports? 
Rather than record their latest game or concert on your cell phone camera, why not bring an HD camera and share it with the community?  There is LOTS of interest in this sort of programming and we never seem to have enough volunteers to get it all covered.

Do you have a specific show idea?
Maybe you're among the bold minority who wants to start a program or be on camera!  WCTV is here to help you cultivate that idea and show you the work involved in getting it on television.  It won't be as easy as stepping into the studio and launching your show that day.  But if you're willing to put in some work, we'll help you get it to the finish line.

Read our member policies and procedures to learn more about membership.