Wildcat TV

Starting in the fall of 2017, WCTV is starting a new initiative at Wilmington High School: Wildcat TV.

We're seeking students interested in showing off all that WHS has to offer - through video.

Want to highlight a teacher or a club?  How about record a sporting event?  Want to serve as part of our production crew during concerts or graduation?

We're planning to open up our Control Room inside the high school every time the W2 block hits on a Wednesday.  The room is located right next to the LGI on the first floor of the high school, along the art wing.

There's no exact time commitment.  And these won't always be structured "classes".  This is going to be more a of club, where kids can come in and work on projects they're interested in, whether it be on-camera, shooting video or editing.

Contact Shaun Neville at snevill@wctv.org to learn more.  You can also check out our NEW YouTube page, where all Wildcat TV content will be uploaded.