Wilmington in 2016

What a year in Wilmington!  And WCTV was there for much of it, capturing many of the moments and events that you'll look back on to remember 2016.

Be sure to check out our weekly programming note, which this week features the some of the most-watched videos in 2016 (as measured through online viewership... we don't get "ratings" on TV.).

To end the year, our high school interns Cam and Joey also put together a montage of the bigger events that were on our air.  You can watch their video at the end of the page.

The compilation was shown last month at the "Welcome to Wilmington" event at the library, introducing new residents to all that the town has to offer.  The video shows off big town events like 4th of July carnival, Christmas Tree Lighting and Memorial Day ceremony, as well as the Horribles Parade and Little League Opening Day march to Rotary Park... just to name a few.

There are a few clips in there from the opening of the new dog park and the ongoing construction of the new Yentile Farm Recreational Facility.  We included some clips of the senior center St. Patrick's Day celebration and of course, lots of school-related clips: sports, bands, promenade and graduation.  So much of what our staff and volunteers cover are tied to the school system and Wilmington's youth.  And that's because families, for the most part, are what make Wilmington what it is.

What makes WCTV what it is?  A lot of hard-working staff and volunteers who share a passion for television and the community.  Regular programs like Where's Wilmington and Book Stew continue to churn out new regular episodes.  Wildcat Sports coverage has moved from the fall season into the gym for the winter.  New programs like Let's Be Candid, The Board Room and All About the Flavors started later in 2016 and we look forward to seeing them grow in 2017.  In the Loop is back on the air and I've enjoyed producing Town Topics this year with the Town Manager's Office.  We have a TON of youth content and youth members these days excited to produce content.  And don't forget WCTV is now podcasting!  You can listen to original programs there or audio versions of some of our popular studio shows.

Thanks for all your support of WCTV in 2016.  We'll continue to be out in the community in 2017!  And if you ever want to learn more about how you can pitch in and perhaps cover a big (or small) community event that you're a part of, give us a call (978-657-4066) or send me an email (sneville@wctv.org).  We're always looking for new members and new show ideas!

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