Summer Library Events

If you haven’t been to the Wilmington Memorial Library recently, you should probably give it a fresh look. While traditional libraries are filled with stacks of books, Wilmington has followed the modern trend of developing new spaces and events that cater to a broad audience.

I encourage you to check out their events page and see what they have to offer, from Lego building and coupon advise to book clubs and speaker series.

Spring Concert Series

*Full disclosure: I’m a band nerd who played tuba at Wilmington High School and then later at Syracuse University.

This week, WCTV wrapped up its coverage of what I’d refer to as Wilmington’s spring concert series. Over the course of three nights (1 in April, 2 in May), nearly a dozen groups performed at Wilmington High School. First up, it was the Jazz Concert (the “Pops” show) in the auditorium, then a pair of events in the gymnasium: the Strings Attached show and the Band festival, each featuring kids from grades 4 through 12.

What a Month!

Last weekend wrapped up one of the busier seasons for WCTV. In April we aired 8 Candidate Conversations, profiling those on the ballot this year. Most of those candidates then took part in Candidates Night, which included 2 live debates in our studio. Of course, Election Night capped off our voter coverage with a 45-minute results show. And then, a week later, it was time for Town Meeting.